Core Values

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The Alabel National Science High School community follows a set of values, namely, Synergy, Commitment, Integrity, Excellence, Nationalism, Child-Friendliness, and Efficiency.


  • SYNERGY – We believe that the attainment of our goals and objectives is possible if everyone works together. We believe that the success of the institution does not reply on one individual but on the collective effort of its every part.
  • COMMITMENT – More than talented and knowledgeable individuals, we believe that people who has greater commitment to their duties yield better results.
  • INTEGRITY – As much as we can, we live by the ethical, legal, and moral principles. We look at every person in his wholeness.
  • EXCELLENCE – We always strive to mark our every work with excellence. We challenge ourselves to exceed what we have previously achieved. We also encourage our students to do the same.
  • NATIONALISM – The exercise of our duties is our service to the nation. Our duty is to gear up our students to serve the country in any field that they choose. So, we develop in them love for our country.
  • CHILD-FRIENDLINESS – The school continues to create an environment that provides warmth and acceptance towards our students.
  • EFFICIENCY – More importantly, we want to be effective in such a way that our output is greater than the input the government provides us with.

The acronym is SCIENCE, which is apt for the school, being the Regional Science High School for Region XII. The letters are also designed to resemble a periodic table of elements, which signifies the school’s main thrust: to develop science-inclined leaders.