SPIRITUAL DEVELOPMENT has been given importance at AlSci today with the conduct of worship service and meeting of each religious group.

School Principal Norma P. Rendon announced that every first Friday afternoon of each month will be set for spiritual development beginning today, June 6.

The protestants held their worship service at the IV-Diamond classroom with Rev. Marcelo Lim
Iglesia ni Cristo members met at the YRC Study Center with Mr. Marco Arturo Cavan
Muslim students were led by Ms Jasmin Angie at the Grade 9 – Eistein classroom
Catholic students and teachers attended the mass officiated by Fr. Alex Salas at the covered court


Ms. Jasmin Angie took the opportunity to ask the gather the sentiments of the Muslim students. She found out the students want to make sure that the cafeteria serves halal food. They also want to establish a worship room.

According to Ms. Aleli Dasmariñas, “The spiritual dimension is the part that is missing in our training here at AlSci. I hope that this program will continue.”

“I am happy that we have finally given attention to the development of the spiritual aspect of the students. It is very timely,” Ms. Arlene F. Ravelo said.