A regional center of excellence in Science and Mathematics education at the secondary level that shall develop potential leaders in science and related fields.


With the Department of Education’s thrust towards quality basic education in mind, Alabel National Science High School, the Regional Science High School for Region XII was created. It offers an enriched Science Curriculum to select students in the Region.


Alabel National Science High School sees itself as Region XII’s premiere education center that equips students with knowledge, skills, and values that will enable them to become leaders in the field of science and technology.


The administrator, faculty, and staff of ANSHS, in cooperation with the parents, the community, and other stakeholders, continues to enhance the school’s programs and facilities in order to provide its students superior quality science education.







To develop responsible and morally upright science oriented leaders through relevant and globally competitive science and mathematics education programs.



The main objective of Alabel National Science High School is the total development of the students. That means the students’ mental, physical, moral, social, and spiritual development is the main concerns of the school. By nurturing the holistic growth of the students, they are being prepared to face the global challenges.


The students are exposed to trainings and other instructional activities that will develop their scientific, mathematical ability, and language proficiency. Alongside the students’ academic growth are activities through which they can develop a strong sense of value for the environmental, historical, and cultural wealth of the nation.